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WEB Access to Azure Virtual Desktop (WVD) workspace (RDP Client)

Azure Virtual Desktop WEB Client

In a browser, navigate to the Azure Resource Manager-integrated version of the Azure Virtual Desktop web client at https://rdweb.wvd.microsoft.com/arm/webclient and sign in with your user account.

Enter your work username

Enter your password

Press yes if you use personal PC

You logged in to your workspace, and here you can see remote Apps wich you have access.
For run remote app just double click on app name.

On this step you can allow Clipboard and Printer forward from your PC, press Allow

Enter your work username and password and press “Submit”

On this step, if your organization use MFA ACCESS, you will recived push notifications on mobile phone for approve login. Also you can press Show Details for change MFA settings or select another way to approve your login.

If you press “Show Details” on previous step, you can change approve metod here.

Your app is run.

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