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3CX Configure IP Phones

Collect data about VoIP phones

Create Excel file with next column, Example:

Vendor Model MAC 3CX Extension FirstName LastName
FANVIL Х7 00B8B32C0412 104 Tom Sawyer

MAC IP Phones you can get it white label on back side.


Add extension он 3CX:

Open 3CX console: https://(domain name or ip):5001/#/loading
User -> Add


Fill FirstName, LastName from Excel file

GoTo Voicemail: and copy PIN number to Excel file

GoTo Options: uncheck - Disallow use of extension outside the LAN (Remote extensions using Direct SIP or STUN will be blocked)

Goto Phone Provisioning:
Press Add -> Choose from available models select IP Phone model
Type Mac Address and press «Ok» button.

In IP Phone section: Set Provisioning Method: Direct SIP (STUN - remote)

In Codecs: Make UP G729 codec

For save all changes on top page press «Ok» button

Configure autoprovision on IP Phones

Turn on IP Phone and connect to the LAN, when boot is complete:
Menu -> Status, take IP

Open WEB UI phones http://(ip adress) Default Login / Password: admin / admin Goto to Auto provision tab

Update firmware: Factory reset phone
Update original fanvil firmware first download 3CX firmware from: https://www.3cx.com/support/phone-firmwares/
And make update: https://www.3cx.com/sip-phones/firmware-update-fanvil/

Authentication name: <ext num (example: 104)>
Authentication password:

Server address will be point to URL on 3CX


After reboot, phone will be take ext.

Some testing

Dial from phone to local ext
Dial from phone to outside office
Dial from any phones to ip phone

Fanvil VoIP phones Manual X3U

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